Preparing for Dental Implants

Because dental implant placement is a fairly involved type of restorative dentistry, many patients will require one or more procedures to prepare their mouth for treatment. Dr. Chirag Patel can perform a wide range of dental implant preparation surgeries at his office in Frisco, TX. Whether you require tooth extraction, bone grafts, or membrane grafts, Dr. Patel can help lay the foundation for a successful treatment outcome. We use advanced technology and sedation for predictable results and minimized discomfort. 

Commonly Performed Procedures

Dr. Patel typically discusses the possibility of preparatory oral surgeries during a patient's initial consultation. Most of these procedures are minimally invasive and can be performed right in our office. One or more of these procedures may be necessary to improve your candidacy, while others can simply improve the longevity or durability of your results. 

Tooth Extraction

If you need to replace a tooth that is badly damaged but has not already fallen out, Dr. Patel must extract it before placing the implant. The procedure is generally straight-forward and usually, requires only a local anesthetic to keep patients comfortable. After gently loosening the tooth, Dr. Patel can use forceps to remove it in one piece. In more complex cases, he may break the tooth into several pieces and remove the fragments individually.  

Dr. Patel can perform an extraction at the same time as placing the implant or several weeks beforehand, depending on the needs of the patient. If the procedure is done in advance, the doctor will likely recommend a membrane graft or a special type of bone graft, known as a socket preservation, to prevent the jawbone deterioration that results from tooth loss. 

Pen pointing to dental x-ray showing missing tooth

3-D imaging scans are often used to determine whether patients will require preparatory procedures such as bone grafting.

Ridge Augmentation

Dr. Patel typically recommends bone grafts as a way to boost a patient’s candidacy for implants. During ridge augmentation, the doctor will make a small incision in the gums so that he can place the graft directly on top of the exposed bone. This graft may come from a donor or from another part of the patient’s own body, such as the chin.

Preparatory procedures can significantly boost your chances for a successful treatment outcome. 

Similar to tooth extraction, bone grafting can typically take place either before or at the same time as implant placement. If the graft is placed in advance, Dr. Patel may also recommend a membrane graft to encourage the most bone growth possible. In most cases, he will wait several weeks to several months so that the graft has a chance to fully fuse with the surrounding bone. Once healing is complete, he can then schedule the implant placement.

Membrane Grafts

Membrane grafts are most often recommended to support the effects of a bone graft. These thin sheets of biocompatible material act as barriers, preventing gum tissue from growing into the bone cavity and protecting areas of new bone growth. Grafts may be made of either collagen, which is naturally absorbed by the surrounding tissue, or from titanium, which is sturdier but must be surgically removed. 

Learn More About Your Candidacy

Preparatory procedures can significantly boost your chances for a successful treatment outcome. Contact us using our online form or at (214) 705-6600 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Patel and discuss the best way to optimize your treatment results.

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